January 2019 Newsletter

Hello WCA!

Introducing our Monthly Member Newsletter!  On the last Monday of every month, we’ll send out updates from our members about upcoming events and announcements as well as any messages from our board.  We’ll also post a copy in the blog in case you ever lose the email and want to dig up some of that information again.

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Fight On!

Tyler-Rose Veguez, Communications Chair

Messages from Members

Hi Ladies,

My film, KUSAMA-INFINITY, which premiered at Sundance in 2018, is now available on digital platforms (such as iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, etc and also by DVD.) More info at: https://www.kusamamovie.com/  The film details decades of obstacles (including sexism, racism, and mental illness) that the nearly 90 year old artist Yayoi Kusama had to overcome on her path to becoming the top selling living female artist. I'd be grateful if you would check it out.

All my best,

Heather Lenz, (04 MFA, Cinematic Arts)

Hi WCA People!

My name is Nat Kochan (Writing for Screen and Television 2010), and I'm the co-founder of www.curensea.com. It's a new social platform that's like a low-budget version of Instagram + Tumblr except the only thing you can post is original independent visual art, writing, and music and likes/shares/comments equal tips, as in YOU EARN MONEY. I created it because it was really hard to make it as a screenwriter, and I'm also a poet, short story writer, photographer, and painter, and I love the Internet. We have some amazing creators on the platform (well over 5000 including Chris Dyer, Willis Earl Beal, Camille Chew, Manzel Bowman, Ana Bagayan, Enlightenment Barbie, and Mark Sabb of FeltZine). It's free to join and if you use the code WCA you can get 250 free coins to tip creators. You can also email me if you'd like a list of USC people on Curensea whose work is really awesome to follow: nat@curensea.com. Thanks! :)

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