Volunteer With WCA

We know how talented and dedicated our members are, and we need your help to keep WCA moving forward!

Interested in volunteering to join the leadership team, but don’t know exactly what we do?  You’re in luck! We put together this little guide to tell you a bit about the different board/committee positions.  

Maybe you’ll become a new board chair, maybe you’ll manage our instagram, or maybe you’ll just volunteer at a couple of events!  As you’ll see below, there are a lot of ways to get involved.

The link to apply can be found here, and again at the bottom of this post. Please submit the form by July 1st in order to join us in time to begin planning for the coming year.


We handle most communications and social media for WCA. That means we are looking for folks to help us put together blogs (this includes writing original content and/or finding guest bloggers), posting on social media (about events, women in film, and WCA alums), and handling mailings for events and our monthly newsletter.  Because there are a lot of facets to Communications, we’re always looking for more volunteers to join the team. It’s a great opportunity to flex your social media muscles and get to know and show off some of the awesome women of WCA!


Finance is everything related to money: tracking it, budgeting it, spending it, and raising it. We’ve got an easy-to-use system in place for WCA’s finances, but the right person could take it even further this year. We’re looking to do more with raising funds through donations, selling merchandise, charging for events, and setting up a bank account and text-to-donate system with SCA. This year, we want to do even more to attract new resources and fund bigger and better events, and support the growth of our chapters (Los Angeles, New York City, and the student chapter). You don’t have to be a financial whiz - as long as you can add, subtract, and be creative - then we encourage you to apply.  


Membership is everything related to the member experience: from application, to onboarding, to answering questions and requests. We want members to feel connected with the board, with the organization, and with each other, and to facilitate that, we are continually looking for ways to improve engagement by adding features to the Member Portal, connecting better with new members, and fielding most of the emails in the WCA inbox (since most are related to member queries about events or applying). This position is one of the biggest people-facing roles, and if you like people and processes, then we encourage you to apply and be at the core of what makes WCA work so well.


Operations works behind the scenes to make sure that the organization runs smoothly. They coordinate with board to ensure that everyone is on task and nothing slips through the cracks. One of their main jobs is organizing the monthly meetings, gathering details for the agenda, and passing along the notes and next steps. They also pitch in with anything related to structure - building out our email and cloud storage, streamlining membership on-boarding, etc. Essentially, Operations looks at the board and how it is functioning, and figures out ways to make it better. It is a lot of fun for those people who are Type A!


Outreach liaisons with organizations outside of WCA. This includes a relationship with SCA, keeping them updated on WCA activity, as well as forging external relations with other organizations on behalf of WCA. Additional responsibilities include soliciting donations/funding/gifts and overseeing any events that are co-hosted with another organization. Outreach is also responsible for coordinating with other WCA chapters, such as the New York City chapter and the student chapter at USC.


Events are the heart of WCA, and the main way we strive to bring members together. The Programming Chair is responsible for organizing monthly events by: coming up with event ideas, fielding ideas from the executive board and members, booking venues and assigning event roles, and acting as a general host at the events themselves. While programming is a big role, the whole board is designed around supporting this position, by helping budget for events, promoting to members, and managing RSVPs; so the ideal candidates for Programming would be great at delegating to others, and overseeing a team effort.

Apply here to volunteer with our leadership team today! Please submit the form by July 1st. Email any questions to info@womenofcinematicarts.org.